I was all in when Gilligan's Island on the tele tube!  The Minnow bracelet is my homage to those simple days.  And what better way to bring in hot weather fun! The bracelets are very light weight.


These bracelets are made with resin that is non toxic and full of color.  Some of the resin is made to look like lava giving an organic style.  Minnow is part of my Gege line.  You can wear them with the Minnow necklace. Cool pieces but not over board with the price.

Original design and hand made by Vella mode


24K gold plated brass


8mm resin beads

25mm center resin bead


Minnow Bracelet

$40.00 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price
color beads
Center disc bead
  • Colors from the resin may rub off during the first wear if worn with very light color clothing. After the initial wear you will not experience more color residue.

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