Behind the Artist

The creation of Vella mode derives from my inspiration as a little girl by the admiration for my mother who elegantly wore a style we now call vintage.  When I lived in rural South Georgia, tailor made suits, feathered hats, mink coats, fox tails as well as black patent leather shoes were commonly worn among southern ladies.    Vella mode designs embodies individuality as my mom’s style uniquely stood out amongst her peers.


 After many years of living in Europe I studied the intricacies of modern design while working in the kitchen and bath industry. Today with my husband, who is native of Germany and I share the love of clean lines of modern design. 


  The company name is my mother’s nickname Vella and mode (pronounced moda) means fashion in German. My two cultural worlds infuse one love of design and handcrafting original pieces. Inspirations are drawn from life of what was and is now. I proudly source metals from the U.S. and environmentally conscious beads from Germany.


We align with ethical causes focused on sustaining the earth as well as sustaining lives such as the Dogwood Alliance and the Lupus Foundation of America in memory of my mother Evella.



Behind the Logo

Vella a nickname from my mother's real name Evella.










mode I 'mo:də I f (-; -n) fashion:new fangled ideas.

                           ə -a short sound,that of unaccented  e

                          Langenscheidt's standard German dictionary

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